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Instant Setup

All servers are instantly setup once payment is recieved. You can start playing right away!

Powerful Hardware

Our Servers harness the power of Dual E5-2620's providing you with more power to play on!

You're In Control

An easy to use custom control panel and helpful staff means you will always get the full effect from your server!

CUSTOMERS!Speech Bubbles

FEH surpassed my expectations in customer service, server quality, and support! These guys know what they’re doing, and they’ll do anything they can to provide the best experience for the customer.



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Providing you a great service for a great price!

  • High Performance Hardware Hardware makes all the difference between a good gaming experience and a bad one! That’s why our hardware has been selected, and optimized, to make your gaming experience better!
  • Competitive Pricing We cut through the promotion and the padding, and offer you a better product for your money so you spend less time shopping, and more time playing.
  • Quality Support Getting support on the internet should not feel like a chore- we embrace that and strive to make sure that you feel like you are getting the support you deserve in a timely and professional manner.
  • Fast Fiber-Optic Connection Poor connectivity can mean the difference between a happy gamer and a sad one. That’s why all our machines come with a speedy fast 1Gb/s connection.